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GLOBE International
GLOBE International

GLOBE's History
GLOBE International was founded in 1989 as an inter-parliamentary group between the US Congress and European Parliament to respond to urgent environmental challenges. The founding members of GLOBE were US Congressmen Scheuer and Sikorski, US Senator John Heinz and MEPs Munting, Pimenta, Banotti, Roelants du Vivier and Seligman.

GLOBE International has a rotating Presidency with terms of three years.  The current Presidency resides with GLOBE UK. 


GLOBE International Presidents


1989 - 1990      USA

Member of the US Congress

Congressman James Scheuer


1990 - 1993      USA 

Member of the US Senate

Senator Al Gore Jr.


1993 - 1996      Japan 

Member of the Japanese Diet

Representative Takashi Kosugi


1996 - 1999      European Parliament 

Member of the European Parliament

Tom Spencer MEP


1999 - 2002      Japan 

Member of the Japanese Diet

Representative Akiko Domoto


2002 - 2005      USA 

Member of the US Congress

Congressman James Greenwood


2005 - 2006      United Kingdom 

Member of the House of Commons

Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP


2006 - to date  United Kingdom 

Rt Hon Elliot Morley MP, UK Prime Minister's Special Representative at Gleneagles Dialogue


GLOBE International's Approach


As the environment attracts greater political attention there is a particular need for legislators to work together outside formal international negotiations.  Without the burden of formal governmental negotiating positions, legislators have the freedom push the boundaries of what can be politically achieved.  Importantly, discussions can be translated into policies and practical solutions through legislation both at the national and international level. Legislators also have a critical role to play in holding their own governments to account for the commitments that are made during international negotiations.


History of GLOBE International's Activities


The decisive role GLOBE members played during the period of 1989 and 2002 in the adoption of concrete and positive measures for the safeguard and protection of the environment constituted the proof that elected legislators together can influence the debate on vital environmental issues. GLOBE urged parties to the Basel Convention to ban all export of toxic wastes from OECD to non-OECD countries.


Following the First Meeting of the parties to the Convention on Climate Change, GLOBE lobbied for a CO2/ Energy tax in the European Parliament aimed at reducing the Carbon Dioxide emissions. GLOBE worked to bring about the banning of radioactive waste at sea and played a role in drafting the clauses of the Environmental Protection Protocol of the Antarctic Treaty. The Treaty helped to secure the creation of a Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the waters around Antarctica. 


GLOBE International's Future


Following the success of the Legislators Forum held in London in advance of the UK's G8 Summit in Gleneagles in 2005, GLOBE International launched the three year G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue. 


The Dialogue directly contributes to the deliberations of the G8 and has been warmly welcomed by Chancellor Merkel, the UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, the European Commission President, Mr Jose Manuel Barrosso, the Chinese National People's Congress and the President of the World Bank, Professor Paul Wolfowitz.


The Dialogue specifically seeks to build a political consensus amongst the G8 and +5 countries for a post 2012 climate change agreement. 


It is through policy specific dialogues such as the G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue, and the G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue (launched in September 2006), that GLOBE seeks to find new ways to tackle some of the most complex international challenges in relation to environment/sustainable development.


GLOBE's key asset is its ability to gather the right legislators, business leaders and international experts together in one room.  Through the GLOBE network a constituency for action is built. GLOBE Dialogues provide a mechanism to develop and present a serious political contribution to the G8 over the coming years and in particular with the Japanese G8 Presidency in 2008.