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GLOBE International
GLOBE International
key dates

Key Dates

1989     GLOBE’s Statement of Intent committed parliamentarians to: ‘Doing everything possible within their respective mandates to improve the global environment within the field of legislation’. The Statement further identified the natural and human environment and biological diversity as the focus of GLOBE’s work.


1990     GLOBE’s lobbying was incremental in incorporating issues pertaining to trade and environment onto the political agenda during the GATT (Uruguay Round) negotiations. It further led to the inclusion of an environmental clause in the Marrakesh Agreement founding the World Trade Organisation, as well as the establishment of a fully-fledged Committee on Trade and the Environment within the WTO four years on.


1992     GLOBE urged industrialised countries to take the lead in reducing CO² emissions through the introduction of fiscal instruments for the encouragement of energy efficiency.


1994     GLOBE was one of the first to realise that regulations controlling the disposal of waste in Europe were in fact promoting its export to developing countries. GLOBE members pressed for an amendment to the Basel Convention with a view to banning the export of hazardous waste from OECD to non-OECD countries. Their persistent campaigning eventually led to the Convention’s final decision to adopt such a ban as of January 1997.


1996/7  The campaign for the Kyoto Protocol brought together 76 legislators from 27 countries and 200 key decision-makers at the ‘Climate Change Event’ Conference in Bonn to harden Europe’s political resolve in favour of the agreement.


GLOBE EU sponsored European Parliament resolutions on forest protection. GLOBE played a key role in decisions by the Surinam and Venezuelan governments to restrict logging, and equally, EU approving funding towards forest protection projects in Brazil and Indonesia.


GLOBE was incremental in devising a pan-European Biodiversity Strategy and EU Biodiversity Strategy


The General Assembly of GLOBE International in Brussels saw the adoption of the resolution on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals calling for urgent research, regulation, precautionary measures and awareness-raising. Kirsten Jensen MEP built upon the GLOBE initiative in sponsoring an influential report on the EDC in the European Parliament that prompted the European Commission to review the policy on regulation and research in relation to the EDC.


1998         GLOBE UK and GLOBE International jointly organised a conference on the occasion of the G8 Heads of State Summit in Birmingham to campaign for action on climate change, and continued its engagement with the protection of oceans in a joint European Conference with the Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Sea (ACOPS) in Stockholm.


2005         GLOBE UK hosts legislators from the G8 countries, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa in advance of the G8 Heads of State Meeting at Gleneagles in Scotland to discuss post 2012 climate change agreement.


            GLOBE UK assumes the Presidency of the GLOBE International until 2008.   Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP becomes President of GLOBE International.


At the invitation of the Canadian Environment Minister & Chair of the COP, Hon Stephane Dion MP, GLOBE and COM + Alliance for Sustainable Development jointly convene a Legislators Forum at the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Montreal The Forum was addressed by US Senator Bingaman, then Ranking Member of the Senate Energy Committee.  Other speakers included the UK Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP.


2006         GLOBE launches the G8 + 5 Climate Change Dialogue to provide a forum for legislators and senior business leaders to discuss outside formal negotiating structures a post 2012 climate change agreement.  The Dialogue was launched with the support of the UK Prime Minister, the President of the World Bank, the Chinese National People's Congress, the German Government, the European Commission, BP, Vattenfall and Holcim.


The Working Groups  of the G8 + 5 Climate Change Dialogue  on Technology and Market Mechanisms and Economics convene during the Carbon EXPO in Cologne.  Mr Anders Wijkman MEP (European Parliament Rapporteur for a Post 2012 Framework) and the Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP (former UK Cabinet Minister for Trade & Industry) jointly host the working groups and a Q&A session in the main Carbon EXPO.


GLOBE promotes the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in cooperation with the British Ecological Society.  Speakers at policy forums included the World Bank Vice President, the UK Secretary of State for International Development and the UK Biodiversity Minister.


GLOBE UK and Canadian parliamentarians reach an agreement to collaborate on the post 2012 climate change settlement.


GLOBE launches the G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue at the World Bank Annual Board Meeting in Singapore.  Newly elected GLOBE President, Rt Hon Elliot Morley MP is joined at the launch by the World Bank Vice President, Ms Kathy Sierra, Cameroonian and Indonesian legislators.


The first full meeting of G8 + 5 Climate Change Dialogue Legislators Forum is held in at the European Parliament in Brussels in advance of the G8 Heads of State Summit in St Petersburg. The statement adopted by the parliamentarians at the Brussels Forum was submitted to the G8 Leaders.  Under the Chairmanship of Mr Anders Wijkman MEP and Joan Ruddock MP, speakers at the Forum included European Commissioner for Environment, Mr Stavros Dimas, US Senator Larry Craig, Chinese National People's Congress Vice Chair of the Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee Congressman Zhang Wentai and Lord Norman Fowler of the Board of Holcim.