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G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue
G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue
The G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue was launched in September 2006 by GLOBE International and the Com+ Alliance at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings in Singapore.

The purpose of the Dialogue is to bring legislators from major wood product consumer and producer countries in the G8 and EU, China, India, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea together with senior representatives from progressive forest industry and Civil Society Organisations to discuss and agree practical policies and actions to address the global problem of illegal logging and poor forest management.

The policy focus of the Dialogue was developed from statements made by the G8 Heads of State at the Gleneagles Summit in July 2005 and an action plan agreed by a UK Government and progressive industry Roundtable in February 2006.
Dialogue objectives
The objectives of the Dialogue are to:

1. To provide a forum outside formal international negotiating structures for legislators, senior business leaders and civil society organisations to float and discuss ideas and policy proposals, and to agree and implement specific and practical measures

2. To allow participants to contribute openly and in confidence and thus address particular areas of contention without the restraint of a formal government negotiating position

3. To utilise the unique position of legislators to push the boundaries of what is politically possible internationally and to build a constituency amongst legislators and other key stakeholders for action by the G8, EU and producer countries

4. To become a catalyst for international and domestic action

5. To combine discussion with open session allowing media access

The Dialogue directly shadows the G8 Heads of Governments Summits, and will run until the end of the Japanese G8 Presidency in 2008, submitting to the July 2008 G8 Heads of State Summit a set of tried-and-tested, practical policy proposals for tackling illegal logging, involving actions throughout the wood product supply chain.
Policy proposals
The Dialogue is focussing on developing four policy proposals, concerning:

development of discerning markets in the G8 and EU for legal and sustainable timber;
introduction of forest sector transparency;
implementation of controls on the import of and trade in product made from illegal logs; and
finance for sustainable forest management and sustainable timber production.

The policy proposals are being developed through the Dialogue Working Groups.
dialogue participants:
To view participating legislators by country select the country in the list below; you can also view participating inter-governmental, private sector and civil society organisations using the list
dialogue partners
Com+ Alliance of Communication Networks for Sustainable Development
DLH Group
Timbmet Silverman
The UK Government - DFID
The World Bank