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GLOBE International Statement

A statement by GLOBE International Secretary General.


UK Prime Minister Brown Presents Mexican President Calderon with the GLOBE Award for International Leadership on the Environment

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown presented the GLOBE International Award for International Leadership on the Environment to Mexican President Felipe Calderon on behalf of the 120 legislators from the major economies who participated in the GLOBE International Legislators' Forum in Copenhagen on 24-25 October.


Chinese Congressman Wang's Speech at the Opening of the COP15

Congressman Wang Guangtao, Chairman of the Chinese National People Congress Standing Committee on Environment Protection & Resources Conservation, spoke on the critical conditions needed for an effective post-2012 climate change agreement and the critical role of legislators in 2010 in tackling climate change at a meeting hosted by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen on the opening day of COP15.


GLOBE Policy Positions for Copenhagen

One page GLOBE Legislators Briefings for legislators on the key points that GLOBE is calling for inclusion in the formal text of the Copenhagen negotiations.


GLOBE International Launches it's Legislative Principles Paper

The Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP, President of GLOBE International will launch GLOBE's Legislative Principles Paper on GLOBE's COP15 side event on Thursday 17th December, which will be attended by senior US, Chinese and Brazilian legislators.



100 Legislators from the major economies representing all major political parties have this weekend agreed key guiding principles – set out by Chinese Congressman Chairman Wang and US Congressman Edward Markey- to enact climate change legislation in their respective countries.


Legislators from World’s Largest Economies Reach Climate Consensus on Forests

Senior legislators from developed and developing countries reached consensus on how to cooperatively address the urgent issue of illegal logging, while addressing the integration of forest and terrestrial carbon (the carbon stored in soil and plants) into international climate change policy.


Danish Prime Minister Endorses GLOBE Copenhagen Legislators Forum 24th- 25th October

"The GLOBE Copenhagen Legislators Forum will be a critical staging point ahead of the formal UNFCCC negotiations and presents a very real opportunity to outline ...


GLOBE President Wecomes Chinese National People’s Congress Resolution

GLOBE International President praised the efforts of the Chinese National People's Congress in passing a wide ranging...


Biodiversity Conservation and the Millennium Development Goals

Barry Gardiner MP, Co-Chair of GLOBE International Commission on Land Use Change and Ecosystems, and Adam Matthews, GLOBE Secretary General...


The Future of China’s Carbon Emissions

In his article in the August New Scientist, Lord Julian Hunt of Chesterton, Professor of climate modelling at University College London...


GLOBE Briefing: UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

On July 15th, 2009 the government unveiled its White Paper on UK transition to a permanently low carbon economy.


GLOBE Briefing: US Senate Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

On 30th September, US Senators John Kerry, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Barbara Boxer, Chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works introduced a draft climate change bill...


Gordon Brown calls for Global Climate Change Fund

In his manifesto for December's summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Gordon Brown calls on developed countries to take on mid-term binding emissions reduction commitments and to contribute around USD100 billion per year towards the costs of mitigation and adaptation in developing countries.


GLOBE Rome G8 +5 Legislators Forum

One hundred senior legislators from around the world met in Rome over on June 11th and 12th, 2009 and announced that developed countries should transfer at least USD 90-140 billion per year to the developing nations for mitigation technologies and adaptation.


US Congressman Ed Markey Launches the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security

Congressman Ed Markey, (Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming & Chairman of the House Energy & Environment Sub Committee) chaired the inaugural meeting of the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security. He welcomed the Commission to Washington D.C. and to a new America that is now prepared to act on climate change. He observed that the twin challenges of the economic and climate crisis need to be tackled together and viewed as an opportunity.


Chinese Congressman Pu Haiqing says China considering binding emissions reduction framework in 12th Five Year Plan

Congressman Pu Haiqing, Vice Chairman of Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, said during his address to the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security that: "In line with the requirements of the Scientific Outlook on Development, we are starting to study and work out energy conservation and emission reduction framework and make it binding indicators for appraisal in the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic & Social Development."


Yvo de Boer Addresses calls on Commission to focus on commitments and financing

On behalf of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Mr Yvo de Boer, Excecutive Secretary of the UNFCCC, addressed the launch of the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security via live video link from the UNFCCC Bonn Conference. Mr de Boer supported the Commission and called upon legislators to: "Ensure international climate change action is backed at a national level through a framework of taxes, standards, markets and mechanisms that encourage the right investments and business decisions." His keynote address also set out a series of challenges for the Commission.


UK Foreign Secretary endorses the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security

Rt Hon David Miliband MP, UK Foreign Secretary endorsed the Commission and said: " I am very supportive of the work of GLOBE. We know your work provides an important political contribution to complement the formal UN process. If Heads of Government are to agree a sufficiently ambitious deal in Copenhagen this year, they will need the support of domestic legislators like you."


New Danish Prime Minister formally backs the International Commission on Climate and Energy Security

Special Representative of the Danish Prime Minister, Mr Morten Holm Østergaard, announced the support of the Danish Prime Minister for the International Commission and called upon legislators to hold governments to account. He said that: "We will call on parliamentarians to shape and pass domestic legislation, and hold governments to account on national and international commitments." Mr Østergaard went on to identify Denmark's priorities for Copenhagen.


Launch of GLOBE Colombia

Representative David Luna Sanchez, Colombian Member of the House of Representatives said following the creation of GLOBE Colombia; ‘It is a great pleasure to let you know that the Congress of Colombia through its Resolution 004/2009 has accepted the creation of GLOBE in Colombia. This “chapter” will be a part of GLOBE Americas and will allow my country to start taking preventive actions and solutions to climate change related issues. This is a result of the commitment I acquired in November 2008 during the GLOBE Americas Legislators Forum where I assisted as representative of Colombia.’


G8+5 Legislators make Post 2012 Framework Agreement

Legislators from the G8 and +5 have made a breakthrough agreement on a post 2012 Framework.


GLOBE UK Parliamentary Workshop - Community Involvement in Tackling Climate Change

This workshop was hosted by Lord Hunt of Chesterton and the Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP, Vice Presidents of the UK Parliamentary Group of the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE). It took place between 1400-1700 on Thursday 16th July in the Attlee Suite in Portcullis House.

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