GLOBE International Statement
26th March 2010

"GLOBE International was founded in 1989 to generate a greater understanding among legislators from the major economies of increasingly global environmental and sustainable development issues, including climate change, land use change, biodiversity and ecosystems decline.  


“Since 2005 GLOBE has been running a climate change dialogue for legislators from all major political parties and from the sixteen major economies (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, S.Korea, S.Africa, USA , UK and European Parliament) to examine the science, economics and to identify the possible policy responses.


“That dialogue has enjoyed engagement with perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum and with both so-called sceptics and advocates alike.  The aim of the dialogue has been to provide a political space, away from the formal UN negotiations, where national positions can be explored and common ground identified.  GLOBE has worked closely with major economy governments, the World Bank and the United Nations to that effect.


“GLOBE's process is open and transparent and the media has been invited to cover all of GLOBE’s Legislators Forums. For example, at the most recent GLOBE Legislators Forum in Copenhagen in October 2009, which involved over 120 legislators from 16 countries, the discussions were covered by Reuters, IPS, BBC, PA,  Danish TV and radio - TV2 and DR1, BBC Newsnight and by journalists attending from Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa.


“All GLOBE’s policy positions are openly available on our website."

Adam C.T. Matthews
Secretary General
26th March 2010

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