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GLOBE_intl tweeted: @johnprescott intervening on emissions targets at GLOBE UK #COP21 meeting with @DECCgovuk's Pete Betts @grahamstuart
GLOBE_intl tweeted: GLOBE 2015 Parliamentary Dialogue Series starts on Monday with @DECCgovuk Pete Betts on "the road to Paris" @COP21…
GLOBE_intl tweeted: New: Landmark study supports 'unburnable carbon' thesis. #Coal must remain in ground to keep to 2C #climate limit.…
GLOBE_intl tweeted: Missed the last GLOBE Newsletter of 2014? Read more about the legislators response to #COP20Lima at and subscribe!



The Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE International) is an international organisation comprising national parliamentarians from over 80 countries committed to developing and overseeing the implementation of laws in pursuit of sustainable development.

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Climate study

globe-clima-video-2014 On the 27th of February 2014, GLOBE published the 4th edition of the Climate Legislation Study at the 2nd GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit in the US Senate and the World Bank.

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Welcome to GLOBE


Cedric T. Frolick MP

President GLOBE International

Our growth matches a growing realisation in the international community that national legislation and scrutiny, and therefore the role of legislators, are the critical elements of any successful strategy to set the world on a path to sustainable development.

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GLOBE National and Regional chapter directory

  • President Lula Luiz Inacio
    Lula da Silva

    Former Brazilian President
    "I want to emphasise the strategic opportunity presented by GLOBE."
  • Angela Merkel
    German Chancellor
    "GLOBE International is a unique environmental forum."
  • Barack Obama
    President of the United States of America
    "I would like to commend the participants of GLOBE. I applaud you for your continuing efforts".
  • Felipe Calderón
    Former President of Mexico
    “I recognise the important work GLOBE are doing to bring nations together”.
  • David Cameron
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
    “Your work is very timely”.
  • United Nations Evaluation Report
    “GLOBE is leading the way in demonstrating the role legislators can play in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources”
  • Martin Schultz
    President of the European Parliament
    “I express my support for the World Summit of Legislators at the beginning of a new international process.”
  • Minister Xie Zhenhua
    Vice Chair of the Chinese National Development & Reform Commission
    “GLOBE International is a key pathway for the legislators of all parliaments.”
  • Senator John McCain
    Former US Presidential Candidate
    “I applaud your efforts and look forward to continuing our work together.”