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CedricFrolickWelcome to the GLOBE International and World Summit of Legislators website. I am honoured to be the first GLOBE President from outside the G7. I take particular pride in the growth of the GLOBE network in all regions of the world and in particular in an ever increasing number of developing nations.

The Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE International) is an association and a network of national parliamentarians working on sustainable development policy. Founded in 1989 by legislators from the major economies at that time (Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States of America), GLOBE’s mission is as relevant today as it was then – to work across party political divisions to develop legislative responses to the major environmental challenges.

Since the Organisation’s headquarters moved to the United Kingdom in 2005 we have grown to over 40 chapters in national parliaments with participation from legislators in over 80 countries.

Our growth matches a growing realisation in the international community that national legislation and scrutiny, and therefore the role of legislators, are the critical elements of any successful strategy to set the world on a path to sustainable development. National parliaments are at the heart of driving the response to climate change and more broadly giving the green economy real meaning.

GLOBE is open to legislators from all countries. We work in a non-party political way to support legislators at the national level in developing, advancing and implementing good laws and policies. GLOBE is directed by legislators, who guide the organisation and set its priorities.

This website, our newsletter and mobile App, provide information about our policy programmes (the “Initiatives”) and publications, our network of chapters and our international summits. www.globeinternational.org is the most comprehensive resource on our work and contains over 500 pages of content from existing and past initiatives.

If you require timely updates on the development of our policy programmes, events, opportunities to work with us, please sign up to the monthly GLOBE Newsletter or follow us on the social networks.

Lastly, if you are interested in our publications and you would like a copy or to consult a section of one of our three annual legislative reviews, you can now download a free App for your smartphone or tablet. The “GLOBE Legislation App” provides parliamentarians, negotiators, researchers and everyone interested in reviewing national climate laws and regulations with a portable and easy-to-use tool

You can also follow the GLOBE International Secretariat on Twitter @GLOBE_intl.

Thank you for your support and interest,
Hon. Cedric T. Frolick MP
President of the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE International)
Chair of the World Summit of Legislators
  • History

    GLOBE International was originally founded in 1989 by legislators from the US Congress, European Parliament, Japanese Diet and the Russian State Duma with the mission to respond to urgent environmental challenges through the development and advancement of legislation.

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  • GLOBE International Presidency

    The Presidency of GLOBE International is composed of the President, Vice Presidents for Strategy and Policy and one Vice President for each region of the Organisation. The Hon. Cedric T. Frolick MP is the President of GLOBE International.

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  • International Secretariat

    The International Secretariat, provided by the GLOBE Initiative at E3G since August 2014, provides coordination, membership and communications services to the GLOBE network. Read More
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